The Clever Way Jose Andrés Keeps Eggs From Sticking To Spatulas
By Cynthia Anaya
Fried eggs sticking to the pan is a common problem, but they can also stick to the spatula, which can be just as frustrating. Fortunately, celebrity chef José Andrés has a great trick for keeping fried eggs from sticking to metal spatulas.
He suggests heating the spatula in a small amount of cooking oil — in the same pan you'll cook the eggs — and simply pressing the bottom of the spatula against the hot pan for a few seconds. You can do this after the eggs have already been cracked in the pan, but doing it before the eggs touch the pan is better.
Eggs stick to cooking utensils because the proteins in eggs form chemical bonds with the metal atoms in the pan. However, adding oil to the pan and the spatula creates a barrier of steam vapor, which lifts the food above the oil.
For this reaction to occur, the pan and the spatula must be hot enough, and you must do a temperature check before adding oil — heat the pan over medium heat, and drip a teaspoon of water into the pan. If the pan is hot enough, one or two water beads will form immediately, and that’s when you’ll want to add the oil.