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The Clever Storage Gadget That Keeps Butter Fresh, Soft, And Spreadable
By Haldan Kirsch
Softening a stick of butter without melting it can be challenging, and could very well make a difference when it comes to achieving the perfect toast in the morning or mastering a new baking recipe. Luckily, there is a simple kitchen gadget that can help solve most of these problems — the butter bell.
The butter bell is a simple two-piece porcelain container; the top of the jar has an inner chamber attached to it where you can keep your softened butter, and the bottom container holds a small amount of water. When the two pieces fit together, the water creates a seal that keeps out air, germs, and light to help stop your butter from going bad.
To use the butter bell all you need to do is take some softened butter and tightly press it into the top of the jar to minimize air bubbles. Then you need to add enough cold water to the bottom container to create a proper seal, and make sure to change the water out every few days to keep your butter fresh at room temperature for up to a month.