Calgary, Canada - February 8, 2011 : A Starbucks "Grande" 16oz Coffee with a Peanut Butter Cookie. Shot in a photography studio on a wood table.
The Clever Starbucks Hack For Maximizing The Flavor Of Your Coffee
By Camryn Teder
Whether you're a frequent consumer of Starbucks’ unique lineup of Frappuccinos, or the more traditional offerings of Americanos and iced coffees, there are lots of things to try. To up your latte game, try asking for this next time you're in a store.
One of Starbucks’ least-purchased drinks is the espresso con panna, which has two shots of espresso and a dollop of whipped cream at only 35 calories. Another drink option customers might not know about is the flat white, which uses a different espresso shot and is topped with "microfoam," just like in an espresso macchiato.
Customers may not know Starbucks has a size above its venti — called trenta — for certain cold drinks. For reference, the cold venti holds 24 ounces, while the trenta can hold 31 ounces, so it’s something to keep in mind when you really need extra energy.
Many may think that Starbucks’ espresso only comes in blonde, decaf, and regular, but there's another option: the ristretto shot. A ristretto shot is very similar to a regular shot of espresso but is made with less water, so it has a syrupy texture and may be sweeter compared to espresso's strong, bitter flavor.