Kragujevac, Serbia - January 19, 2016: Plastic bottle of Sprite isolated on white background. Fanta made carbonated soft drink.
The Clever Reason Sprite Bottles Have Dimples
By Gregory Lovvorn
According to the Coca-Cola Company website, the introduction of its "hobbleskirt" bottle for Coke served to make the drink recognizable by touch and to distinguish it from counterfeits. This proved successful, and when the company brought Sprite to the United States in 1961, they adopted a similar strategy.
Sprite was originally a mascot for the Coca-Cola brand and not a soda, but when making a drink to compete with 7-Up in 1961, they drew on the Sprite name. They chose green for the bottle color partly because it appears as a more natural alternative to sodas, but mainly because it is instantly recognizable.
The designers gained inspiration for Sprite’s bottle design from the tiny bubbles caused by carbonation. The dimples in the container are meant to replicate the look of the bubbles that are released when the bottle is opened, and — like Coke’s unique bottle design — they make the bottle design harder to replicate.