Cavtat, Croatia - July 5th, 2008: Cup of espresso Franck, and bottle of mineral water Jamnica on the table in restaurant. Brands popular in Croatia.
The Clever Reason Italians Drink Espresso With Sparkling Mineral Water
By Natasha Brooks
A shot of espresso in the morning will get you revved up for your day, but getting a caffeine fix is not the only reason this popular beverage is drunk. In Italy, espresso is consumed for enjoyment, so when ordering a traditional espresso at an Italian cafe, don’t be surprised if it’s served alongside a glass of mineral water.
To drink espresso the traditional Italian way, take a swig of the mineral water first, then alternate between the espresso and water, finishing with the mineral water. Italians use mineral water specifically because the minerals are credited for stimulating the taste buds and cleansing the palate before and after you drink the espresso.
Water also hydrates the drinker, which is especially beneficial when drinking caffeine in a warm Mediterranean climate like Italy. Drinking water before consuming caffeine can prevent a tummy ache, especially when drinking on an empty stomach, and drinking it before, during, and after caffeine intake can help counteract an unpleasant caffeine crash.