The Clever Hard-Boiled Egg Peeling Hack That Has Stunned The Internet
By Cynthia Anaya
While the "tap and roll" technique can eliminate your egg-peeling struggles, other methods suggest using a spoon to remove the shell — even Gordon Ramsay has shared his egg-peeling trick, which involves tapping the boiled eggs and submerging them in cold water before peeling them. However, there’s another viral three-step hack that helps you peel an egg in 30 seconds.
As YouTuber Max Klymenko demonstrates in an Instagram reel, you need to hold the egg vertically and crack the shell open on both ends, peeling a nickel-sized portion of the shell off on the larger side and a smaller part on the opposite end. Lastly, hold the egg with one hand, and blow into the smaller hole, pushing the egg out of the larger side.
TODAY senior food stylist Ashley Holt tried it live on the TODAY show, and although she had video proof that it did work, her live attempt in front of her co-hosts was not successful. She said, "Unfortunately, this particular trick only seems to work under very specific circumstances," claiming the eggs need to be freshly removed from the water for the hack to work.