Los Angeles, USA - January 13, 2014: A photo of Trader Joe's Kale Chips isolated on a white background.
The Clever Hack You Should Always Remember For Trader Joe's
Potato Chips
By Arianna Endicott
Trader Joe's has its own line of potato chips, and while some flavors are more run-of-the-mill like salt & vinegar, sea salt, and barbecue, others are more inventive. There is one tip that you will want to follow the next time you get your hands on a savory bag of Trader Joe’s chips.
According to The Kitchn, when you open a bag of potato chips, you should be turning the bag over to open it upside down. As bags of chips are shipped from factories to distribution centers and stores, chips can be jostled around and broken — even with all that extra air in the bags to protect them.
This hack specifically mentions the Trader Joe's Ghost Pepper Potato Chips, but it can work on any flavor of chip. When you open the chip bag upside down, the crumbs at the base of the bag will coat the bigger chips, adding some extra crunch and seasoning to every bite.