Photo taken in Pomorie, Bulgaria
The Clever Countertop Gadget To Keep Bananas Fresh Longer
By Chase Shustack
Bananas are a very fickle fruit — one minute they’re all yellow and pretty, and the next they’re brown and mushy. There are many different methods to slow this accelerated ripening process down, one of which is to hang your bananas, which keeps them at the perfect stage of ripeness for longer, especially when using this countertop gadget.
You’ve probably seen bananas hang from a banana hanger before, which is a little stand with a hook at the end that you're supposed to hang your bananas off of. Its design helps keep the bananas fresh for longer, since being suspended mid-air provides them with more air movement and therefore prevents the build-up of ethylene gas, slowing down the ripening process.
Banana hangers are available at most grocery stores or online, and they are relatively cheap to buy. You can also hang your bananas from a cabinet hook if you have one, which will work just as well in keeping unobstructed airflow around the bananas.