Fresh raw burger patties and falling on white background
The Chopstick Hack For Superbly Portioned Burger Patties
By Meaghan Cameron
Instead of mixing burger meat and seasonings by hand and forming each patty individually, use a plastic resealable bag and a chopstick for perfectly portioned burger patties.
Place the ground meat and seasonings into the bag, seal it tightly, and massage and squish it to mix all the ingredients evenly before flattening the mixture inside the bag.
Use a ruler to divide the bag into thirds, or if you prefer, you can eyeball it into approximately equal, square portions.
Gently push the chopstick into the plastic wrap until you meet the countertop, two times lengthwise and two times widthwise, to create evenly sized portions.
You can cook the burgers immediately, breaking off the portioned pieces as needed, or freeze the entire bag flat for later use.