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The Chopping Hack You Need To Get More Flavor From Breakfast Strata
By Linda Larsen
Caramelized onions can effectively give your breakfast strata a sweet and intense flavor, but making them is complicated and can take up to 45 minutes. If you're hesitant about spending such a long time caramelizing onions for a recipe that's otherwise easy to put together, try this onion-chopping hack to speed up the process.
You may have heard that slicing onions pole-to-pole instead of through the equator can cut the time it takes them to caramelize on the stove to about 20 minutes, but dicing the onions instead of slicing them can get them sweet and brown in just 10 minutes. Once your onions have caramelized, add anywhere from 2 tablespoons to 1/2 cup of them to your recipe in accordance with your taste.
For better caramelization, cook the onions over medium-high heat — which is higher than the temperature typically recommended for the task — and stir them often to prevent them from burning. Finally, add some wine to add sugar to the mixture without making it overly sweet.