CHEESE SNACKS---04/03/07---Three snacks, Chester's Popcorn, Doritos Zesty Cheese and Cheetos Puffs shot together. Please open the popcorn and show some of the ingredients. For Friday Health evaluation of product for calorie, and fat content. in Toronto, April 3, 2007. (Steve Russell/Toronto Star) sjr (Photo by Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)
The Cheetos Alternative You Need In Your Life
By Nico Danilovich
The Cheetos brand is practically synonymous with cheese puffs and curls, and they even got famous enough to open their own Cheetos Museum and Cheetos Restaurant in the 2010s. Still, Cheetos aren't the only game in town, and one Cheetos alternative has been around perhaps even longer than Cheetos themselves, remaining criminally overlooked for ages.
Bachman Jax Cheddar Cheese Curls could give Cheetos a run for their money, at least if more people become aware of them. Over 95% of the reviews on the product’s official page give it five out of five stars, with one verified buyer commenting, "As far as cheese curlz [sic] go, these are top of the line."
Reviews at sites like The Takeout agree, calling them saltier, crunchier, and all-around better than Cheetos. The extra savoriness, light interior, and tangy buttermilk aftertaste all make Jax Cheddar Cheese Curls a Cheetos alternative worth trying.