Various types of cheese
The Cheese Eating Gig That Could Score You $1000 A Day
By Kelly Douglas
Cheese-lovers should draw their attention to one recent job listing from Sleep Junkie, who’s conducting a study on how eating cheese before bedtime affects the tone and quality of your dreams. They’re offering $1,000 daily just for your commitment to eating cheese and sleeping, and if this sounds interesting to you, here’s how you can get involved.
On January 16, 2023, Sleep Junkie laid out the criteria for the job: "You must be at least 21 years old, own a smartwatch or fitness tracker that tracks sleep, have a consistent sleep schedule, and be able to sleep alone during the trials." If chosen, you'll have to write detailed summaries of your sleep quality and any dreams (or nightmares) you have.
The application asks for your basic information, if you can commit to three months of work, and why you want to be a cheese tester, and applicants have until February 10, 2023, to fill it out. Those who are chosen will begin the position in March 2023, buying and eating various types of cheese before bed a week at a time — don’t worry, you’ll be reimbursed for cheese expenses.