Aldi shop sign with opening hours against blue sky, Martlesham Heath, Suffolk, England, UK. (Photo by: Geography Photos/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
The Cheap Aldi Gin That's Supposedly One Of The Best In The World
By Camryn Teder
One of the most surprising examples of accomplished liquor lines coming from unexpected places is the success of Aldi's internationally award-winning gin. While Aldi has much more to offer beyond its drink collection, none of the items can top the success of the chain's effortlessly smooth and affordable gin.
Aldi's Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin, which only costs about £9.99 in the U.K, won a gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge in 2017. Not only is the gin easily affordable, but it was also chosen as the best in a blind taste test against other premium and well-known brands like Gordon's.
However, unfortunately, Aldi’s famous gin is currently only available in the U.K. While the chain does not currently serve liquor in its U.S. locations, American consumers are still welcome to its award-winning lineup of wines — or to a plane ticket if you're just dying for a taste of gin.