Traditional heavy duty cast iron skillet on wooden surface
The Cast Iron Hack For Transforming Any Frozen Pizza Into A Deep-Dish Delight
By Heather Newman
Instead of traveling to Chicago, you can recreate the city's beloved deep-dish pizza in your kitchen using a regular frozen pizza and a cast iron skillet.
Cast iron skillets are great as they distribute heat evenly all over the crust, making it crispy, crunchy, and able to hold lots of sauce and cheese.
To make this dish, start by measuring the bottom of the skillet, and choose a frozen pie that will fit. Thaw it for about 20 minutes to ensure the dough will rise while cooking.
After it's ready, place the pizza into the cast iron skillet and put it in the oven. Ensure your cast iron is oiled before the dough goes inside to prevent sticking.
To get the pie as close to deep-dish status as possible, let it cook for 10 minutes longer than the directions suggest.
Frozen pizzas come in many varieties, so remember this hack will likely work best when you choose one with enough dough, such as rising-crust options.
Think of your original frozen pizza as a base, and consider adding some extra cheese, a layer of sauce, and your favorite toppings to get it closer to the deep-dish experience.