A cantarito with tequila, strawberry snow, chili powder and traditional Mexican candy
The Cantarito: A Refreshing Mexican Cocktail Served In Huge Clay Pots
By Julia Mullaney
When it comes to tequila drinks, we usually focus our attention mainly on the margarita and Paloma. However, there is another unique Mexican cocktail that has been served for more than a century which is just as refreshing — the cantarito.
It's hard to say precisely when the cantarito was invented, but it's reportedly been around since the Mexican Revolution, which lasted most of the 1910s. A refreshing cantarito has grapefruit soda and juice, tequila, orange juice, and a Tajín rim (a chili seasoning enhanced with citrus), which is all served in a clay pot called a cántaro, which helps the drink remain colder for longer.
Mexican dishes, such as tacos, or chips and guacamole, are great pairings for enjoying a cantarito because of the drink's citrus flavors, or you can try it with seafood for a light, yet savory meal. Cantaritos also pair well with chocolate, since tequila and chocolate have long been an interesting combination that works, so consider trying a cantarito with a dark chocolate dessert.