bowl of red chuncky soup next to an empty can
The Canned Soup Straining Trick That Will Bulk Up Your Meal
By Linda Larsen
While canned soups can be a lifesaver for those with less time to cook or kids with picky eater syndrome, many soups are too light on the solids and won't leave you feeling full. Fortunately, with just a strainer on hand, you'll be able to get a more bulked-up meal with little effort.
Pour one can of soup into a bowl or pan, then pour the second can of soup into a strainer over a different bowl, adding the strained solids to the original batch of soup. Save the liquid to cook future dishes such as beans, stew, or broth by freezing it in ¼- to ½-cup portions, which you can later add to any simmering dish or let it defrost in the refrigerator.
This straining hack will also work with thicker soups like chowders, bisques, and chilis, but you'll want to use a colander to be more effective when straining due to their thickness. Once you've added these extra veggies, noodles, or meat into your soup, you can add more ingredients to make your soup more appealing, such as herbs, cooked chicken, or sour cream for chili.