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The Canned Frosting Hack That Will Give You More Bang For Your Buck
By Kelly Douglas
Canned frosting may be convenient for bakers who need a quick icing option or those who are still perfecting their homemade frosting skills, but one downside of using canned icing is the cost. Fortunately, a simple hack can help you achieve delicious results using less frosting, thereby making that can of icing more cost-effective.
The trick is to change the texture of the frosting and make it delectably fluffy by putting it in a large mixing bowl and mixing it for two to three minutes using a hand or stand mixer. The frosting will double in size and look fluffier, which is the perfect texture to complement a cake.
Once the frosting fluffs up, bakers will be able to use half as much frosting as usual when spreading it on the cake, and it may taste better as well. This hack is a big win for home bakers, as it'll give them the frosting consistency they strive for and help them save a lot of cash.