The Cabin Dinner In Montana That Screams Holiday Wonderland
By Arianna Endicott
Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, Montana began as a homestead in 1915 and has become the ideal winter escape for the Christmas-obsessed. The resort offers a special, winter-themed experiential dinner option for those looking to elevate their mountain dining experience.
From December through March, guests can reserve their immersive experience at Lone Mountain Ranch for $150 per person. Resort-goers ride in a horse-drawn sleigh to the North Fork Cabin where a singer-storyteller cowboy provides dinner entertainment during the three-course meal.
The meal kicks off with shot glasses of honey moonshine, then guests receive an appetizer of house-made rye bread with caraway seeds and butter. The second course is served family style and includes a plate of prime rib with vegetable sides, and the meal wraps up with an apple huckleberry cobbler.