homemade marshmallow s'mores with chocolate on crackers
The Buttery Substitute That Will Add A Rich Touch To S'mores
By Crystal Antonace
While many would argue that classic s'mores are not to be messed with, more and more sweet treat lovers are craving diversity when making this iconic confection.
If you're looking to upgrade s'mores, swap out the graham crackers with savory Ritz crackers. The sprinkling of salt on Ritz crackers elevates the sweetness of the classic treat.
Salt increases taste buds' identification of sugar, making it the perfect counterbalancing agent to sweet ingredients. Ritz s’mores are the perfect combo of sweet and salty flavors.
The Ritz company has even released a special s'mores sandwich cracker variety in the past, making chocolate, marshmallow, and buttery crackers an epic combination.
In addition to Ritz, you can use any kind of salty cracker, salted pretzels, or even potato chips to create a salty s’more.