West Palm Beach, USA - November 19, 2012: This is a studio product shot of a frozen, Premium, Hormone-Free Butterball turkey in a mesh plastic bag. Butterball turkeys are a popular choice forThanksgiving and Christmas dinners.
The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Is Putting A Twist On Thanksgiving
By Crystal Antonace
Butterball produces roughly one billion pounds of turkey each year, and in 1981 the company started a call-in service dubbed the Turkey Talk-Line where customers can call in to ask questions about cooking their turkey. The idea for 1-800-BUTTERBALL was made in hopes of aiding home chefs with the "turkey trauma" associated with Thanksgiving.
During the line's first full year in business, 11,000 calls were taken and handled by only six women. It has since expanded a lot in recent years, receiving around 12,000 calls on Thanksgiving Day alone in 2012, and today, there is also the option to text the hotline and a chat feature on the Butterball website.
On October 24th of 2022, Butterball released the Comfort Calendar, which includes 24 days of supportive tips and Thanksgiving prep reminders. Nicole Johnson, director of the Turkey Talk-Line, called the calendar "...an honor to offer our time-tested technical advice, emotional support and even a little levity in this fun, new format this holiday season."