High resolution digital capture of a freshly baked chocolate loaf cake with three slices cut
The Butter Topping Hack That Will Give You Photo-Worthy Loaf Cakes
By Arianna Endicott
\When it comes to picture-perfect loaf cakes, a slight crack along the top middle can make it look bakery-made, so try this extra step to ensure a perfect line down the center.
A little extra butter might be all you need to make a perfect crack down the middle of your loaf cake. First, soften up some butter and scoop it into a piping bag.
Pipe a line of the softened butter straight down the center of the cake batter. The butter will melt as the cake bakes, so it should be more of a rough guideline for the crack.
After the butter has fully melted and the cake has baked, there should be a split right down the center. Nea Arentzen, a recipe developer, confirms that the butter perfected the look.
If you don't have softened butter on hand, you can also use an offset spatula or butter knife to slice lengthwise down the batter, inserting your tool only about an inch deep.