Chocolate brownie with cherry and cream
The Brownie Mix Add-Ins For Cherry Cordial-Flavored Treats
By Crystal Antonace
Homemade brownies are always a welcomed treat, but using a boxed mix and focusing on the extra ingredients might save you some time and frustration. Apart from the classic additions of mint or peanut butter, there are other ingredients you can add to a boxed brownie mix to achieve a chocolate-covered cherry flavor.
If you want to create the unique flavor of a cherry cordial, try Anna Francese Gass' method by adding a sprinkle of maraschino cherries and a few swirls of cream cheese to a boxed brownie mix. If you want a more precise recipe, you can use Kara Creates' cherry brownie recipe topping, which includes a maraschino cherry buttercream and a thin layer of chocolate ganache.
Packaged brownie mix is so versatile you don't need to only stick to cherries, and you can use countless other additions to elevate your chewy chocolate squares. You can improve the general flavor and texture of a prepackaged brownie mix by using coffee instead of water and butter instead of oil, or try adding marshmallows, pretzels, and your favorite liquor for a more complex flavor.