AUSTIN, TX - APRIL 25:  Chef Chris Shepherd poses at 'Rock Your Taco Celebrity Chef Showdown' during the fourth annual Austin FOOD & WINE Festival at Republic Square Park  on April 25, 2015 in Austin, Texas.  (Photo by Rick Kern/WireImage)
The Broiler Trick Restaurant Chefs Swear By
By Carly Weaver
The broiler in your oven is an excellent tool for creating deliciously crispy results by emitting heat directly above your food, much like how a grill provides intense, high heat from below. This makeshift-grill-inside-your-oven can take your food to the next level, and chef Chris Shepherd shares his favorite broiler trick for rapidly browning meat to perfection.
Speaking with Insider, Shepherd said, "One of my favorite tricks is to switch from baking to broiling to finish off a dish in the oven and give meat a bit of color." This trick capitalizes on the broiler's ability to leave a char-like finish and can even effectively work on other food items such as seafood, cheese, and fruit.
Thinly cut vegetables or lean cuts of meat like flat iron steak or thin pork chops will see excellent results from the broiler, and seafood broils beautifully since it doesn't need much time to cook. However, be careful not to over-oil, as it can be hazardous with the high heat, and use foil over parchment paper since it can catch on fire.