Three martini cocktails with olives against a white backdrop
The Brita Hack That TikTokers Swear Makes Liquor Taste Exactly Like Water
By Arianna Endicott
In a viral TikTok video, user CallMeBelly poured vodka into their Brita filter. They then allowed the liquid to drip through to the bottom of the container.
After going through the Brita filter, the vodka went down significantly smoother. The user and their friend compared the taste to "nothing" and "water."
One commenter on the video noted that it may be especially helpful for drinking cheaper vodkas, since "good vodka is filtered five or six times."
The method has been around for a while and was featured on "Mythbusters" back in 2006, where they said the end product was better but not comparable to more expensive vodka.
The extra filtration won't actually change the makeup of your cheap alcohol. Expensive vodkas go through extra rounds of distilling, which is illegal to attempt at home.