top view of salami sandwiches
The Brilliant Lettuce Hack For A Mess-Free Sandwich
By Stacie Adams
You can engineer a delicious yet structurally sound sandwich by wrapping a piece of lettuce around the side to keep the other fillings together.
The lettuce should form a hinge on the sandwich, with equal portions of the leaf touching the top and bottom bun. You can use two lettuce leaves to further fortify your sandwich.
Use a big, firm piece of lettuce that can act as a delicious safety net for your sandwich. Iceberg lettuce has sizable leaves to wrap around all the fillings.
Proper lettuce storage is crucial, ensuring the leaves are fresh and crisp to avoid having a soggy sandwich at risk of falling apart.
You can minimize excess moisture by drying the lettuce with a paper towel or a salad spinner and storing it in a place with a lot of airflow.