Grilled corn with spices and herbs on white background
The Brilliant Hack That Makes Grilling Corn On The Cob Even Easier
By Grace Allison
To flip your corn on the grill efficiently and easily without the risk of burning your hands, leave the husks intact so you can use them as handles.
It’s less risky than using tongs and is also a great way to reduce waste and create a use for the often discarded husks. Plus, it gives the corn a super rustic aesthetic.
To create a husk handle on your corn, carefully pull the husk back so it remains intact at the bottom of the cob, then remove the silk and tie the husk with twine or more husk.
The husk handles may still be slightly hot, especially if they've been on the grill for a while. Be sure to use a towel or paper towels to remove the cobs from the grill.
For the best results, be sure to buy fresh corn with a tight, bright green husk. It's also important to note that corn on the cob tastes the best when eaten on the day you buy it.