A glass of bourbon on top of a whiskey barrel.
The Boozy Inclusion That Makes Kentucky Butter Cake True To Its Name
By Harriette Halepis
If you're in need of a dessert for a gathering of adults, the vanilla-scented Kentucky butter cake is the perfect dessert, especially if you love the taste of bourbon.
Kentucky butter cake traditionally calls for bourbon from Kentucky, and the alcohol added to the glaze is not heated, making its flavor very prominent and dense.
This glaze is poured over the cake when it's still hot and left to sit in the pan for several hours before serving — the longer this cake sits, the stronger the flavor becomes.
Allowing the bourbon time to sink into this cake creates a moist crumb akin to dipping a cookie in coffee or another type of soaked dessert like rum baba or tiramisu.
Thanks to the glaze, butter cake can also be easily kept at room temperature for several days and travels well, making it an ideal cake to bring to any event.
Non-alcoholic versions of this cake do exist, but bourbon enthusiasts will argue that using the best bourbon you can buy will make a difference to the flavor of this cake.