biscuits stacked on a table
The Biscuit Recipe That Took Joanna Gaines A Year To Entirely Perfect
By Camryn Teder
Nothing can satisfy like a warm, flaky biscuit doused in butter. Despite the plethora of recipes available, Joanna Gaines spent every Saturday for a full year refining one recipe.
According to Gaines' 2018 cookbook, "Magnolia Table,'' perfecting biscuits was a crucial goal for her as a chef. With her family as taste testers, she listened to their suggestions.
Each week, she would tweak the recipe using unconventional ingredients and baking methods. Finally, one combination stood out over the rest: eggs and a small baking tray.
While eggs can make biscuits thick and cakey, they add fluff to this recipe because Gaines uses self-rising flour instead of all-purpose flour to give the biscuits some definition.
Gaines also bakes her biscuits in a small tray so they touch each other. This contributes to their moisture, as biscuits rise easier if they stick together and support one another.
Like most chefs, Gaines uses buttermilk for softness and cold butter cubes instead of melted or room-temperature butter for flakiness. She also adds baking soda to help them rise.