Person holding a large ice cream cone
The Biggest Ice Cream States In The US Aren't What You'd Expect
By Arianna Endicott
The Great Lakes region, which encompasses Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Illinois, consumes the most ice cream each year, according to Readers Digest.
Wisconsin takes second in overall milk production in the United States, thanks to its over 7,000 dairy farms that produce an average of 2.44 billion pounds of milk each month.
There are a few ice cream chains that got their start in the Great Lakes region, the most famous of which is undoubtedly Dairy Queen, which began in Joliet, Illinois.
Though California still holds the lead in terms of ice cream production, some prominent name brands have made their homes in the Midwest, such as Tillamook and Haagen Dazs.
The Midwest region also offers unique ice cream flavors like Blue Moon, which has hints of vanilla or marshmallow or a fruity taste, depending on who you ask.