Different types of avocado toasts and half of an avocado on white stone background
The Best Way To Use Costco's Frozen Avocado Chunks
By Heather Newman
There’s nothing sadder than an avocado that doesn't get to live up to its potential, whether it’s hard as a rock from underripeness or overripe and mushy.
To help solve this problem, Costco offers frozen avocado chunks, and while they don’t work for everything, there are ways you can still maximize their utility.
Costco's frozen avocados are preserved with ascorbic acid, which results in a "sour-ish, tart aftertaste," according to The Kitchn.
They are best used in dishes heavy on acidity like ceviche, a classic dish that starts with raw seafood that is "cooked" by the addition of acid (usually lemon or lime juice).
Ceviche is perfect for your Costco frozen avocados, as they will add some texture and balance to the fish, and the tangy dressing will hide the sour bite from the freezing process.
If you’re not a seafood lover, you can use these avocado chunks in a smoothie, which will come out thick and delicious when mixed with fruits like strawberry and kiwi.