Fresh cooked bacon in a pan.
The Best Way To Store Bacon Grease (And No, You Can't Empty It Down The Drain)
By Heather Newman
Bacon is one of the most iconic breakfast foods in the U.S., but there is always a concern about what to do with leftover bacon grease.
This grease is easy and safe to store, and is a perfect secret weapon for several kitchen projects, but there are a few things to remember before safely storing your bacon grease.
Bacon grease is not good for kitchen pipes, and dumping grease down the drain allows it to cool and clog the plumbing, which can be an expensive problem to solve.
The best way to handle bacon grease is to pour it into a container (ideally, glass or metal) to dispose of it or use it later.
Once it's cooled, the container is ready to go in the fridge or your freezer, but don’t store your bacon grease in plastic containers.
The heat of the grease can cause the plastic to melt, which can be both messy and dangerous, even potentially leading to a grease burn.