Eating Chinese pork lo mein noodles with chopsticks
The Best Way To Reheat Leftover Lo Mein Noodles
By Chase Shustack
You can't simply toss lo-mein noodles in the microwave to reheat. They can clump together and develop a dry, mushy, texture, so it's better to use a frying pan or wok and some oil.
First, oil the wok or pan over medium heat until the oil simmers. Add noodles and start tossing them, which keeps them from sitting in the pan for too long and overcooking.
If your noodles still begin to clump together, add liquid such as water, stock, or soy sauce until they break apart. After around 4 minutes, the noodles should be ready to eat.
You can also add your choice of meats or vegetables to the lo-mein to keep the texture and flavor consistent, as refrigeration may have slightly altered the vegetables in it.
If you must reheat noodles in a microwave, put them in a bowl and add your choice of water or soy sauce — a tablespoon will be enough, but it depends on how much lo-mein you have.
Cover the noodles loosely, and heat them for 30 seconds before removing, stirring, and reheating for another 30 seconds. Repeat until the noodles are sufficiently heated.