Butter-basted, plump roast chickens.
The Best Way To Re-Crisp Flabby Rotisserie
Chicken Skin
By Chase Shustack
Whether you chop it up and add it to chicken noodle soup or dive straight into it with a knife and fork, rotisserie chicken makes for a great meal to pick up on your drive home. The one potential flaw is rubbery and flabby skin, but finding the right way to cook it can bring back its proper crispiness.
Rendering is a cooking process similar to frying that causes fat to melt from meat and is able to put the crisp back in your rotisserie chicken skin. To achieve this method on your stovetop, cook your chicken skin bottom-side down over medium-low heat, then flip after 10 minutes to allow both sides to crisp up.
If you're using your broiler, place the chicken skins bottom-side down onto a foil-lined baking sheet and place them in the oven for two to four minutes until the skin has crisped up. You can serve the fried chicken skins on their own or on a sandwich for a bit extra flavor and texture.