Two glasses of whiskey with ice, in a dark background.
The Best Way To Order Bourbon At The Bar Like A True Connoisseur
By Elizabeth Thorn
For many connoisseurs, ordering bourbon like a pro isn't just about increasing your bourbon vocabulary, but taking your drinking game to the next level.
Asking for “a bourbon” is a dead giveaway that you don’t know much about this type of whiskey. Instead, it helps to keep a specific bourbon brand in mind.
Bourbons like Wild Turkey, Maker’s Mark, and Jim Bean are popular choices in the United States, and there’s no harm in asking the bartender for a suggestion.
After choosing your brand, tell your bartender how you'd like it served. Whether you want it neat or on the rocks, be sure to say the brand first and then the serving preference.
Neat bourbons are served in a snifter glass that brings out its full flavor, while drinks on the rocks come with ice that could dilute it, so be sure to opt for larger ice cubes.
If you’re unsure which bourbon to order, ask for a tasting flight. These flights come with three or four different glasses that will help you discover your preferences.