Corn Tortillas. Food made with nixtamalized corn, a staple food in several American countries, an essential element in many Latin American dishes.
The Best Way
To Heat
Corn Tortillas
By Haldan Kirsch
It's hard to beat the delicious simplicity of a homemade corn tortilla. The best corn tortillas will have a subtle sweetness and nuttiness to them while keeping a nice corn flavor as well, and you’ll want to preserve this when reheating them.
Food52 points out that the best way to reheat corn tortillas without ruining their delicate texture or flavor is to use a gas range. Just turn a gas stove top on medium-low heat, and set your tortilla over the top for a few seconds on each side.
This method should quickly reheat the tortillas, and it will add a little bit of char to the edges, giving the tortillas a smoky flavor as well. If you don’t like the char, you can just as easily follow the same method with a pan instead, and it works just as well on gas, electric, or induction ranges.