Sardines in a can on a wooden surface
The Best Way To Eat And Serve Sardines As A Flavorful Snack
By Betsy Parks
If you love sardines but are unsure how to eat them, the good news is that you probably already have a few accompaniments in your pantry that are perfect for sardine snacking.
The combination of sardines and crackers is effortless and classic, as the meat is tender, and the crackers bring in a little crunch and starch, not to mention some salt.
Toast also makes a good base for sardines. Just be sure to make it extra crunchy to contrast the texture of the soft fish.
Tinned fish lovers everywhere will recommend a thin layer of grainy mustard for extra flavor. Some sardines, like Chicken of the Sea, even come pre-packed in mustard sauce.
If mustard isn’t your thing, spread aioli on your cracker or toast, stack on a sardine, and add pickles or even a pinch of kimchi for a crunch.
You can also add a few pickled red onions, cream cheese, pickles, or fresh herbs for a richer texture and flavor.