Two jars of Hot & Sweet Jalapenos from Trader Joe's.
The Best Uses For Trader Joe's Popular Hot & Sweet Jalapeños
By Alli Neal
Inspired by cowboy candy, aka candied jalapeños, Trader Joe’s describes their Hot & Sweet Jalapeños as sassy with just enough sweetness to balance out the spicy heat.
Trader Joe’s recommends putting these pepper slices on a burger or grilled cheese, nachos, charcuterie boards, crackers, cream cheese, and in guacamole.
The sassy kick of these peppers makes them amazing in tacos, hot dogs, and sandwiches like Italian beef, smoked brisket, Cubanos, and Bahn mi sandwiches.
Try mincing them for deviled eggs or dice them for potato, pasta, egg, tuna, or chicken salad. Sprinkle them atop homemade pizza and dishes like eggs benedict.
Reuse the brine in a batch of quick pickles or make a marinade with it for your taco or fajita meat. You can also use it to amp up the flavor of a vinaigrette.
Beyond food, you can add the pepper brine into a bloody Mary mix or a spicy margarita, or even swap it out for the pickle juice in a pickleback.