Deep fried fish bites with lemon
The Best Types Of Fish To Deep Fry
By Maddie Brown
While meatier fish are more suitable for baking, grilling, and searing, white fish with light textures like halibut, tilapia, catfish, and walleye are great for deep frying.
Flaky and light cod is commonly used in fish and chips. Pacific cod is firmer than Atlantic cod, making it better for grilling or baking, but both types can still be fried.
Flounder is an excellent pick, as it's delicate and lean. The filets are not too thick, allowing them to cook to a crisp in just several minutes.
Tender and soft, haddock will attain a superb texture when immersed in a light beer batter.
While many types of bass are good for deep frying, largemouth bass works seamlessly. Down South, foodies chop up largemouth fillets, cover them in cornmeal, and deep fry them.