Refreshing Boozy White Russian Cocktail with Vodka and Cream
The Best Type Of Vodka To Use For A Classic White Russian
By Stacie Adams
Vodka is a versatile spirit that serves as a key ingredient in a wide range of cocktails, especially a White Russian, an iconic cocktail that is brimming with milky goodness. While there's plenty of vodka variety these days, the question still remains — which kind of vodka is best for a White Russian? offers a White Russian recipe that combines vodka, Kahlúa, and heavy cream and recommends choosing a "decent" brand that will serve as a smooth base for the sweetness of the Kahlúa and cream — meaning nothing too high-end is necessary. Decanter suggests avoiding rye-based vodkas and choosing barley or potato-based varieties for a smoother flavor.
According to a list of vodka brands provided by Parade, the most expensive is Crystal Head Vodka, which is diamond-filtered for a smooth flavor, and the most affordable is Tito's corn-based vodka, whose distinctive distilling process offers a pleasing taste. You can also experiment with your go-to vodka, or for a twist, a vanilla-flavored vodka, like Skyy.