The Best Type Of Tomatoes To
Use For Your Homemade
Pasta Sauce
By Angel Albring
Good tomato sauce starts with the best kind of tomato, especially when they’re fresh and don’t come with any flavor-altering salts, seasonings, and sugars that may be included with a canned variety. While there are over 10,000 types of tomatoes to choose from, many consider Roma, heirloom, and tomatoes on the vine as the best for tomato sauce.
Roma, heirloom, and tomatoes on the vine all have a meaty texture, little to no seeds, and deep, rich flavors when cooked, all of which leads to a thick, seedless sauce that can be stored without losing its flavor. You can use other tomatoes, but more preparation and cooking time will be needed, and it will only leave you with less sauce per tomato in the long run.
Both Roma tomatoes and tomatoes on the vine provide a sweet, tangy flavor, which, for tomatoes on the vine, becomes more concentrated when cooked. Roma tomatoes also have a low water content that makes them ideal for cooking into thick sauces, and tomatoes on the vine are often fresher and have a more robust flavor than other tomato varieties.
Heirloom tomatoes come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes, and they have a unique flavor profile that can range from sweet to smoky. Many people find that heirloom tomatoes have a more complex and interesting flavor than commercially grown tomatoes, making them great options for tomato sauce.