FRANCE - JANUARY 27: Pot-au-feu, beef stew, France. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)
The Best Type Of Meat To Use For Pot Roast
By Gregory Lovvorn
Many would agree that pot roast is an American classic, and the secret to a tasty pot roast begins with the meat. With steaks and other beef dishes, you may look for the most heavily marbled and tenderest cuts of the cow, but pot roasts are a bit different.
Cowboy Chef Kent Rollins shared in a YouTube video that you should look for cuts of beef that come from the parts of the cow that do the most work, like the back end. The best cuts for a roast starting at the cow's rear are the top, center, or bottom round roast.
Another good cut of meat comes from the fore shoulder area, and while chuck roast is pricier than the round sections, it’s full of flavor and will fall apart when cooked properly. Below the chuck section of beef is the brisket, which is typically ideal for barbeque but is also a fantastic cut for pot roast recipes.