Woman picks cucumbers from a small vegetable garden in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on July 31, 2022. (Photo by Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto via Getty Images)
The Best Type Of Cucumber For Homemade Pickles
By Kaliga Rice
Though there are about 100 different cucumber varieties, the short, thick cucumbers typically sold in U.S. stores are known as the American or Garden cucumbers. A cucumber's thickness and crunchiness can affect pickles' taste, and some varieties are better for pickling than others.
Pickling cucumbers are generally smaller than other varieties, making them easier to peel and slice than others. While there are several types of pickling cucumbers, a well-known pickling variety is the Kirby cucumber, which is usually no more than six inches long and has bumpy skin and a crunchy texture.
Another popular pickling cucumber is the National Pickling cucumber which was created in 1929 when the National Pickle Packers Association wanted a cucumber that was ideal for pickling. These cucumbers are thick with black spines and tapered ends, which allow them to fit easily into jars.