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The Best Type
Of Cheese
For Nachos
By Cynthia Anaya
When ordering nachos at a restaurant, you don't need to think much about the cheese since there's usually just one kind, but making nachos from home is different. While you can go the easy route and just buy the kind in a can or jar from the chip aisle, you can also opt for the fresh route and melt it yourself.
Soft to semi-hard cheeses melt best for nachos, and popular recommendations include cheddar (which many premade nacho cheeses use,) Monterey Jack, and Tostitos Salsa Con Queso. As long as they melt well, offer a smooth texture, and are flavorful, lots of cheeses can be a great option for nachos.
If you plan to make your own nacho cheese and opt for cheddar, keep in mind that mild cheddar works best for nachos because it has a smooth, creamy, butter-like consistency. Meanwhile, Monterey Jack has several variants comparable to cheddar combination cheeses including dry jack, pepper jack, and Colby jack.