Sea Salt Cheese Fries-Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb Camera
The Best Type Of Cheese For Making Homemade Cheese Sauce Like
An Expert
By Julia Mullaney
The best cheese to use for cheese sauce depends on the type of sauce you’re going for — macaroni and cheese will require different ingredients than queso.
There isn't much to a basic cheese sauce — it's just cheese, whole milk, butter, and a few seasonings. Sharp or extra sharp cheeses, like yellow or orange cheddar, have more bite.
Cheddar is affordable and accessible, making it an easy and cost-effective option. You can pair it with a milder, nutty cheese, such as Gruyère, for extra depth of flavor.
Consider processed cheese like Velveeta or American if you're making a basic nacho cheese sauce. They’re salty and melt easily, giving the sauce a perfectly smooth texture.
For queso sauce, try mixing in some pepper jack for some heat. Add it at your desired spice level, as making the whole batch with pepper jack would be too hot for most.
Nacho cheese doesn't require much outside of milk and butter, but queso usually entails at least one spicy element. The diced tomatoes also create a creamy, acidic flavor.
A classic fondue calls for fontina, Gruyère, or Swiss cheese, or a combination of cheeses that have a mild, nutty flavor perfect for dipping foods that also have a mild flavor.