Three pineapples against a white background.
The Best Two Methods For Slicing Pineapple (No Special
Tools Needed)
By Crystal Antonace
There are many ways to peel and core a pineapple, but when The Kitchn tested six such methods, two won the test in terms of simplicity and how much fruit was wasted in the process.
The first method involves cutting around the pineapple's core after slicing the outer layer off. Start by cutting off the sides of the fruit into four big pieces.
You’ll leave behind a centerpiece, which also contains the core. Then, lay each quadrant flat and slice the large strips into smaller edible chunks.
The second method also requires cutting off the outer layer first, but instead of cutting around the core, you cut directly through the center, creating four large pieces.
Simply remove the core from each piece, which will majorly reduce pineapple waste. While the first method can save you time, the second one will save every last bite of the fruit.