The outside of a Trader Joe's location
The Best Tool To Save Money At Trader Joe's Is Already In The Store
By Angel Albring
Trader Joe's doesn't run sales, but the chain often promotes specific products or limited-time items, which will be listed in their handy little guide called the Fearless Flyer.
You can snag one of the printed Fearless Flyer copies in the store, or you can download a digital version to help you plan your shopping trip.
The Fearless Flyer is updated at various intervals during the year, and although new editions aren't released weekly, you can get a new flyer emailed to you when it's available.
Additionally, Trader Joe’s has a free electronic newsletter that is updated regularly with upcoming events and contests, and it gives shoppers a sneak peek at the flyer.
Trader Joe's also hosts regular bag raffles, complete with gift card giveaways, for customers who bring reusable shopping bags.