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The Best Tip For Keeping Your Smoked Meat As Juicy As Possible
By Cristine Struble
To ensure your smoked meat is extra juicy, try misting it with water (or another liquid). This will replace the moisture that gets drawn out of the meat during the cooking process.
Some pitmasters recommend using a water bath, but that method requires constant level checking. Misting the meat gives you more control over the process in an easier fashion.
The liquid you use to mist the meat periodically works as a "substitute for moisture from within the meat and slightly reduce shrinkage," per Prof. Greg Blonder of
Adding liquid to the meat’s surface also lowers the temperature, which attracts smoke and adds flavor while keeping the food cooking at a lower heat.
When choosing a misting liquid, ensure its viscosity is thin enough to avoid getting clogged in the spray bottle. You also want it to complement the other flavors of the meat.
Good options include apple cider vinegar, apple juice, beer, beef broth, melted butter, water, Worcestershire sauce, bourbon, hot sauce, and even pineapple juice.