CATHEDRAL CITY, CA - MAY 10:  The entrance to In-N-Out Burger, located off Interstate 10, is viewed on May 10, 2022 in Cathedral City, California. The Coachella Valley, located along Interstate 10, is home to dozens of municipalities and boosts a winter population of 800,000 residents but drops to 400,000 residents in the hot summer months. (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)
The Best Time In The Week To Go To In-N-Out To Miss Long Lines
By Chase Shustack
It’s no secret that In-N-Out's legendary status makes it a popular place to visit, whether you're a West Coast local or a passing tourist. Therefore, long lines (and thus long wait times) aren’t exactly uncommon at In-N-Out, which may leave customers wondering if there might be a way to avoid all that waiting.
When it comes to In-N-Out and long lines, there can sometimes be hours-long wait times — a grand opening in Aurora, Colorado, in 2020 resulted in some waiting over 14 hours. To avoid these wait times, visit between the hours of 2 and 4 p.m., which is when the lunch rush has died down but it's not yet the dinner rush.
Though it can be a tricky time to get there, it’s also recommended that you try to go during the middle of the week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Since it's the middle of the week, there won't be as much of a rush as there is over the weekend, and you won’t encounter crowds nearly as large as you would on Saturday.