Barbecued meat on a wooden cutting board next to a large glass of beer and herbs and chiles
The Best Styles Of Beer To Pair With Barbecue
By Julia Mullaney
There are various regional barbecue styles across America, including Memphis' pork-based barbecues with dry rubs and light sauces, Kansas City's sweet and smoky sauce, Texas' love for briskets, and North Carolina's acidic ketchup sauce. However, one thing all these regions can agree on is that nothing pairs with barbecue quite like an ice-cold beer.
When it comes to the best beer for your barbecue, what you choose will depend on the type of meat you're eating, as well as the sauce or dry rub's flavor. The Old Irving Park Beer & BBQ Challenge says that if you're going for pulled pork, you should try pairing it with something dark, such as a stout or porter. 
Beef brisket, on the other hand, has a high-fat content, so you'll want to pair it with something slightly lighter but with a strong malt flavor, such as an amber ale. Lighter meat like chicken needs an even lighter brew pairing, and the hops and citrus often found in a hazy IPA are strong complements.