Different nuts falling on white background
The Best Storing Method For Keeping Nuts Fresh
By Kaliga Rice
There are over 50 types of nuts in the world, and they’re known for being fairly healthy and versatile, providing nutrients like protein, fiber, and Vitamin E. Nuts stored in a cupboard will only keep for about three months, but luckily there’s one storage method that allows you to keep nuts fresh more effectively.
Nuts can go rancid very easily because they have a high amount of oil, which spoils over time and produces a sour, bitter flavor. Freezing your nuts will prevent the oil from breaking down so quickly, and they will stay fresh for about six months, which is much better than how long they’ll keep in the pantry.
To freeze your nuts, all you need to do is remove the nuts from the package or container you purchased them in, put them in a freezer bag, and place the bag in your freezer. Though the freezer is most effective, you can get a similar effect by refrigeration; just place the nuts in airtight containers so they don’t take on the aromas of other foods.